Blind walls gallery: The miracle doctor

A mural for Blind walls gallery in Breda.

Story about the mural:

In 1904, the Hague resident Francois Joseph Marie Colson bought a piece of land with a wooden house in the forest of Ulvenhout. In Ginneken he started his practice as a herbalist and miracle worker. Joseph claimed to have a special gift: he could look through people’s bodies and know what ailments they had.

A few years later, Francois was forced to stop ‘the unauthorised practice of medicine’. Francois continued in spite of this and decided to employ doctor Korteweg from Breda as ‘assistant physician’. Using herbs and hypnosis, Francoise managed to cure his patients.

In 1911 Francois himself becomes seriously ill and dies at the age of 33 after an operation. His funeral attracts a great deal of attention. Admirers place an obelisk on his grave at the cemetery in Ginneken which can still be seen today.


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Work in process photo's: Rosa Meininger

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